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Pav Bhaji

Traditional Indian Street Food- mom's recipe
Categories: Indian
Primary Method: Sautee
4 serving
Prep Time:
1 hours
Step 1
3 • Potato- brown • Peeled, and sliced
3 • Tomatoes, roma • Pulsed in food processor
1 • Onion yellow • pulsed in food processor
1 • Green chili • pules in food processor
.5 lb • Green Beans • chopped
.25 lb • Peas, frozen
.5 • Carrot • shredded
.25 • Cauliflower, shredded • .25 large, .5 small
• pav bhaji masala
• Salt
• Olive Oil
• Bread
• Garlic Paprkia Butter
Peel and boil potatoes in salted water. Mash when done.

Add peas and green beans to potato water, and cook until done.

Pulse onions with chilies in food processor.

Shed carrot in food processor.

Shred cauliflower in food processor.

Pulse tomato (make sure not too liquidy) in food processor.

Chop green beans.

Heat oil in large non-stick pan. Saute onions and chiles on low heat. Add 1 tsp masala.

Add tomatoes, 1 tsp masala, bit of red chili powder for color, salt to taste, a bit of oil if sticking. Cook for several minutes on low.

Add green beans, carrots and peas, masala to taste, oil as needed.

Add cauliflower, masala to taste, oil as needed. Saute on low heat.

Add potato and continue to saute on low heat, check for seasoning and appropriate amount of masala.
Step 2
• Chopped red onions
• Chopped cilantro
• Lemon Wedges
Toast bread and spread with butter.

Serve with garnishes.
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