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Tri-tip sausage

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Primary Method: saute
4 piece
Prep Time:
12 minutes
Portion Size:
1.75 oz
Step 1
6 oz • tri-tip, diced
2 oz • Beef - backfat
Using trim from the Tri-tip loin, dice into very small pieces. add the beef fat also diced very small. put in small container and set on ice bath to become as cold as possible.
Step 2
1 tsp • Sage,fresh,minced
1/2 tsp • Red pepper flakes
1 tsp • Kosher salt
1/4 tsp • Black pepper
Combine all powder spices and fresh sage.
Step 3
2 tbsp • Spice mixture
8 oz • tri-tip/beef mixture
Combine spice mixture, with the meat. Mix well and the feed the meat and spice mixture into the sausage grinder. Once the meat is ground, form into 1.75 oz patties.Set aside and keep cold.
Step 4
1 tbsp • Olive oil
4 each • beef saug. patties
Heat the pan, add the oil, allow to heat. Add the sausage patties and cook until brown on one side then flip and brown the other side, once cooked set to the side and keep hot.
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