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Avocado Pistachio Crusted Salmon

Categories: Seafood
Primary Method: Oven
9 oz
Prep Time:
15 minutes
Portion Size:
6 oz
Step 1
0.50 each • Avocado • pudding
0.50 each to taste • Jalapeño • roast
0.50 each 0.50 tbsp • lemon • mix
0.50 each 0.50 tsp • Shallots • mix
0.50 each 0.50 tsp • Garlic clove • mix
0.50 to taste • salt
Use a food processor and blend every ingredient together, only use half of the jalapeno but if you desire heat add the whole thing. This is probably enough for three 6oz salmon filets.
Step 2
6 each • Pistachio • blanch, rough chop
The reason for the blanching is to obtain a nice color, after you dry them off rough chop them and sprinkle over the avocado after it is applied onto the salmon.
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