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Smoked Risotto

This dish really goes well with a nice cut of meat (prime)......... post a picture soon
Categories: Side Plates
Primary Method: Stove Top
Prep Time:
40 minutes
Portion Size:
5 oz
Step 1
1 tbsp • Shallots • chop
1 each • Garlic • chop
1 cup • Brandy
1 gal • Chicken stock • slowly pour
1 cup • Parmesan cheese - grated
.25 cup • Blue cheese - crumbled
26.4 oz • Risotto
.5 cup • Lemon juice • add to taste
2 tbsp • Salt
1 tsp • pepper
3 as needed • Thyme - fresh
3 as needed • Parsley - chopped
I will need a hotel pan and a perforated pan with a lid, place the smoked chips at the bottom of the hotel 4 in or 6 inch pan, form a bowl out of tin foil and put the risotto in there place the risotto with tin holding it on top of the perforated pan place the lid over it and turn on the burner, depending how smoky you want the flavor I use one medium size smoke chip and let it smoke for 20 minutes stirring occasionally, mes en place while the risotto is smoking, by the time that is done get a roundeau, saute the shallots and garlic in some clarified butter, add risotto, then add some brandy and chicken stock , add liquids as it cooks, keep testing the risotto to see how much further you have. As soon as dente add a little cheese and herbs, spread onto a sheet pan and put in the cooler. I take panko and portion the risotto out into shapes and crust it after shaped.
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