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Damascene Chicken Fattah

Fatteh is a Damascene dish that uses pieces of stale, toasted or fresh flatbread as a foundation upon which various ingredients are added on top for the bread to be mixed and crushed with. This variation of the dish is made with chicken.
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Categories: 1st Course, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Turkish
Primary Method: Cook
300 g
Prep Time:
45 minutes
Step 1
300 g • Chicken breasts - BO
3 clove • Crushed garlic • crushed
3 tbsp • Tahini
3 tbsp • Almonds
4 tbsp • Lemon juice
1 whole • Onion - medium • chop
2.5 cup • Vegetable oil
2 tbsp • Vinegar
1 to taste • Salt
1 to taste • Black pepper
1 loaf • Bread - pita - white
1 kg • Yogurt - plain

1. Wash the chicken breasts and soak them in vinegar.

2. Place a pot on the stove, then put the chicken breasts and chopped onions inside it. Pour in enough water to cover the chicken breasts and leave it on the low heated stove to cook. When the breasts are ready, save a cup of the chicken broth.

3. Take 2 cups of coin sized pieces of Arabic/ Pita bread. Fry the bread pieces in the vegetable oil until they become golden colored.

4. Mix the yogurt with the tahina, the garlic, and the lemon juice.

5. In a slightly deep serving dish, distribute the fried pieces of bread evenly on the bottom of the dish and pour the chicken broth (that you saved after cooking the breasts) on them. Then cover them with the yogurt and tahini mix (a paste made from ground, hulled sesame seeds that you can find in the supermarket) and place the little pieces of chicken breasts on top.

6. For garnishing, sprinkle some roasted almonds, chopped parsley, and a little bit of crushed fried bread.

Note: you can use roasted bread bits instead of fried ones.
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