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Perfect chili sauce.
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Step 1
3 lb • Red Jalapeño (or mix of chilies) • Seeded & Stemmed
3 head • Garlic • Peeled and Chopped
2 cup • Water
1.5 cup • Distilled White Wine Vinegar
Puree all ingredients in Vita-Mix till smooth, then transfer to large saucepot.
Step 2
2 cup • Sugar
Salt to taste
Add salt and sugar, then bring to boil & drop to simmer. Skim any froth or foam and cook until thickened to rooster sauce consistency. Remove from heat & let cool.
Step 3
Puree one last time on low enough speed to avoid incorporating air but long enough to fully smooth sauce out again. Once pureed, store in the fridge for up to a month.
Step 4
Notes: Red jalapeños are fine for the recipe, however a mix of chilies will add complexity, as will the addition of a spice element.

Alternatively for Step 1, the peppers and garlic can be stewed in hot oil before adding the vinegar and sugar, and then simmered and pureed.
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