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Basic Spherification

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Step 1
500 g • Juice, puree, or other liquid
5 g • Sodium alginate
Refrigerate liquid to be spherified for 30 minutes (helps to dissolve alginate). Using a whisk or immersion blender, mix the sodium alginate into the liquid. Try to keep air bubbles to a minimum. Liquid will thicken slightly but that doesn't mean the alginate has set. Place mixture in fridge for a least 2 hours to hydrate sodium alginate, and over night to remove most of the air bubbles (air can also be removed in a chamber vacuum sealer).
Step 2
1 L • Distilled water
5 g • Calcium Chloride
200 g • Sugar • Optional
Dissolve calcium chloride into distilled water. Optionally, sugar can be dissolved into bath as well (you should heat the water, add the sugar, and then cool to fully dissolve it all)- this will help regulate the density of the bath so your spheres won't drop to the bottom & form flat spots.
Step 3
To create caviar, dispense drops of the alginate solution into the calcium bath (typically dispensed from a kitchen syringe). A skin will form on the outside between 1-3 minutes. The longer they remain in the bath the thicker the skin will become, until it gels all of the way through. Once the skin is formed, remove the spheres from the bath and rinse in two steps of distilled water to remove the calcium and shock the gelling process.
Step 4
The spheres may be saved for a short time in the same liquid they were made from (no sodium alginate added). However, they will continue to slowly continue to gel so they should be used as soon as possible.
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