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Sous Vide Strawberries

These strawberries will not only taste like the most strawberry of strawberries you have ever tasted but they will fill the room with a sweet bouquet of strawberry essence. I use them generously poured over vanilla ice cream, served with clotted cream and shortbread or with crunchy meringues or even for breakfast over muesli. You can pretty much sous-vide most fruit like this and if kept in vacuum bag unopened it will keep for weeks!
Step 1
350 g • Strawberries
2 tsp • Sugar
2 tbsp • Champagne
Hull the strawberries and then place into plastic vacuum bag, add sugar and desired alcohol and seal using vacuum packer. Place into sous-vide machine and cook at 185F for 15 minutes. Remove immediately and plunge into ice-cold water until cold.
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