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Zucchini Marinated with Honey Vinegar

photo by mnapoleon
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photo by mnapoleon
Step 1
4 piece • Zucchini
Peel zucchinis. Cut in half lengthwise & remove seeds.

Cut in slices (or half-slices if the zucchini is extra large). Slices must be regular and not too fine.
Step 2
• Olive oil • as needed
• Salt
• Pepper
2 clove • Garlic • crushed
• Rosemary or Tarragon • as needed
• Honey Vinegar
Cover zucchini with olive oil.

Then in a deep dish, alternate a layer of zucchinis, some salt, the pepper, the crushed garlic, the rosemary or the tarragon.

In the frying pan, which served for making zucchinis, add some honey vinegar.

Heat it up. Cover the zucchinis with this juice.

Let marinade at least one night at the cooler. Serve very cold.


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