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Leprechaun’s Treasure

Created in a heated mixology competition, Leprechaun’s Treasure includes a variety of green ingredients, complementary flavors and slushy ice for a too-tasty way to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint and the beginning of spring.
Categories: Cocktails
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Step 1
1.5 oz • Midori Liquor
1.5 oz • White Dominican Rum
1/2 oz • Key lime juice
1/2 oz • liquid sugar
• Splash of sprite
1/2 oz • Green crème de menthe
• Crushed ice snowball (this is the treasure!)
• Rocks or margarita glass
• Half a key lime (muddled)
Shake the ingredients over ice and pour into a rocks or margarita glass over the muddled lime, crushed ice snowball and top with the Green crème de menthe.


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