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Spinach Salad With Chorizo And Apples

Categories: Salads
Step 1
1/4 lb • chorizo sausage • finely sliced
2 piece • Cortland apples • thin sliced, peeled
1/4 cup • Olive oil
1/2 cup • Cider vinegar (Huilerie Beaujolaise)
2 tsp • Mustard
1 tbsp • Honey
6 cup • Baby spinach
1/4 cup • Grilled pecans • crushed
• Salt and pepper
In a large skillet, brown the chorizo and apples in half the oil.

Deglaze with vinegar and add remaining oil, mustard and honey. Let reduce 1 minute.

Add salt and pepper.

Serve warm or lukewarm on the spinach and garnish with pecans.


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