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Icy Strait Point's Grilled Salmon

This recipe comes from Stuart Campbell, the Food and Beverage Director of Icy Strait Point, an Alaska Native cruise ship destination. Icy Strait Point recently welcomed its first ship of the 2013 season, kicking off its 10th year of sharing the Tlingit culture with visitors. In honor of the new season, Campbell, a recent competitor in the exclusive Great Alaska Seafood Cook Off, shared one of his favorite salmon recipes. This grilled salmon is served at the Landing Zone Grill, just steps away from the world’s largest ZipRider zip line, but home cooks can try it in their own kitchen.
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Step 1
1 part • Olive oil
3/4 part • Soy sauce
1/2 part • Fresh lemon juice
1/4 part • Garlic
• Fresh dill sprigs
• Fresh thyme
pinch • Brown sugar
Soak an alder wood plank in water for an hour or more.

Combine olive oil, soy sauce, fresh lemon juice, garlic, dill, thyme and brown sugar.

Marinate salmon fillets for 30 minutes at most.

Place the salmon on the plank to grill.

A one-inch-thick salmon fillet should cook on medium heat for about four minutes a side or until it just starts to flake when pressed gently. Do not overcook.

After grilling, let the salmon rest for a few minutes and then spoon a little pesto on top. Let your imagination go as far as pesto, like basil or parsley, but Campbell likes it to have a lemon component and fresh herb taste to reinforce the marinade.


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