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Red Wine Poached Rack of Lamb

Categories: Entrees, Lamb
Step 1
2 tbsp • Unsalted butter
4 • Shallots • sliced thin
3 clove • Garlic
1 sprig • Fresh thyme
1 sprig • Fresh rosemary
2 qt • Cabernet sauvignon
6 • Juniper berries
4 • Cardamom pods
2 tbsp • Sea salt
1 • Bay leaf
2 • American lamb racks • frenched
In a large sauce pot, gently sauté shallots and garlic in butter. Add herbs and wine and bring to a gentle simmer. Add racks;gently poach lamb in simmering red wine for 15 minutes. Remove lamb from wine and let rest for 15 minutes.

Chef ’s Recommendation: Serve Red Wine Poached rack chops on a bed of pickled red onions with red wine foam. Serve with spinach and cheese soufflé.


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