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Truffle Edamame Dumplings and Mushroom Broth

Soup can be very filling, and healthy, like this recipe made with edamame for good protein. This is something that reminds me of home, in Japan, where my family has a reputation for making good food.
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Step 1
1 cup • Edamame • cooked
1/2 cup • Milk
1/4 cup • Butter
2 tbsp • Truffle oil
Salt and pepper to taste
16 • Won ton wrappers
1 • Egg
1/2 cup • Water
To make dumplings: Boil edamame in milk and butter until tender. Grind to a mousse using milk, butter and truffle oil; season with salt and pepper.

Wrap 1 tablespoon of mixture in center of won ton wrappers. Glue with egg wash — 1 egg mixed with ˝ cup water — to twist dumpling.

Makes 16 dumplings.
Step 2
3 cup • Water
1/4 cup • Dried shiitake mushrooms
1/2 tbsp • Ginger • minced
1/4 cup • Shallots • sliced
1 cup • Mirin
1/2 cup • lite soy sauce
2 tsp • Oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Mushroom Mirin Broth: Soak mushrooms in water until soft. Julienne the mushrooms. Save soaking liquid.

In medium sauce pan sauté mushrooms, shallots and ginger. Add salt and pepper to taste. In two minutes slowly add the mirin and reduce to medium heat. Reduce by half and add the reserved (soaking) liquid. Add soy sauce and taste. Use salt and pepper if necessary.
Step 3
• Enoki mushrooms
2 • Green onions • diced white part
• julienne green stem
Boil dumplings in water until clear and tender about 1-2 min.

For each serving, place 4 dumplings in small tight fitting bowl. Top with 1 cup mushroom broth, green onion and enokis. Garnish with julienned green onions.

Recipe courtesy of Corporate Sushi Chef, Osamu “Fuji” Fujita, Loews Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, NV; Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Miami Beach, FL


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