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Glace Vanille

Categories: Modernist Cooking
Step 1
1036 g • Milk
338 g • Cream
127 g • Sugar
90 g • Milk Powder
63 g • Tapioca Malto-Dextrin
120 g • Calcium Lactate Gluconate
39 g • Trimoline
118 g • Egg Yolks
12 g • Cremodant Stabilizer
55 g • Tahitian Vanilla
Heat milk and cream, dissolve sugars.

Add milk powder, whisking continuously to prevent burning.

Add yolks and cook until thickened, whisking continuously.

Scrape vanilla beans and add both pods and seeds to milk.

Add stabilizer and bring to a boil.

Emulsify with hand blender.

Pass through a chinois and rest overnight.

Emulsify and freeze in ice cream containers.


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