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Coco Vado

As the much-anticipated 2016 Summer Games draw near, get ready for summer sipping Rio-style with a refreshing cocktail made with Yaguara Cachaša. Brazil has a rich, 500-year history of distilling cachaša, its native spirit, made from sugarcane juice. Yaguara Cachašas are an exciting, artisanal addition to the category combining the latest in distilling technology and centuries of family high quality craftsmanship. Equally suited to both sipping and mixing, Yaguara Cachaša works perfectly in a Caipirinha, the cocktail that introduced Brazil’s drinking culture and the cachaša category to the world. Curious drinkers can celebrate all month with these simple, summer creations made with Yaguara’s hand crafted cachašas. Yaguara Cachaša comes in three unique expressions, the blended organic cachaša which was the first and flagship, followed by Branca (white) and Ouro (aged).
Categories: Cocktails
Step 1
1 1/2 oz • Yaguara Blended or Branca Cachaša
5 oz • Coconut water
1 • barspoon Honey
METHOD: Combine honey with coconut water in a highball glass and stir to melt. Add ice and Yaguara cachaša.

GARNISH: Mint sprig.


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