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Brie Pizza Pie

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At the 1815 Congress of Vienna, French foreign minister Talleyrand proclaimed Brie the "king of cheeses." The proximity of the Brie region to Paris may explain the popularity of this sweet and refined, world-famous cheese that's soft-ripened, with a flowery rind.
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Eleden | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
Step 1
1 • pie crust
1 1/2 tbsp • Olive oil
8 oz • Brie
2 • Plum tomatoes • large
10 • Cured, pitted black olives
2 tbsp • Sweet onion • finely chopped
1 to taste • Oregano • minced
2 tbsp • Parmesan • grated
• Flour
Bring pie crust to room temperature and unfold onto a floured baking sheet. Fold -inch over the edge of the pan and crimp the edges.

Preheat oven to 400F. Remove the rind from the Brie and cut into small cubes. Cut tomatoes into thin round slices. Slice olives as desired. Spread olive oil over crust and sprinkle with half of the Brie.

Add tomatoes and olives. Top with onion, remaining Brie, oregano and

Parmesan. Bake approximately 20 minutes, until the crust is crisp and

cheeses are slightly bubbling.


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