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Grilled Barbecue Clams

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Go surfing. Summer is all about hitting the waves, so why should your grill be land-locked with burgers and steaks? Grilled barbecue clams are an unexpected yet delicious option for any backyard event. Chef Laurent Manrique of Millesime in New York’s Carlton Hotel shows us how.
Categories: BBQ, Seafood
Primary Method: Grilling
Photo by scott*eric
Step 1
24 • Littleneck clams
1/4 cup • Bottled BBQ Sauce
2 tbsp • Unsalted butter
4 tbsp • Shallots
1/2 cup • Red wine vinegar
• Salt
• Freshly ground pepper
1. Preheat your grill to direct, high heat or heat coals until white and hot.

2. While the grill is heating, in a medium-sized bowl, mix together the shallots, red wine vinegar, butter, BBQ, pepper and salt. Set aside.

3. Shuck clams* open on the half-shell, being careful to keep as much liquid as possible.

4. Add a dollop of the reserved sauce to each clam.

5. Place the clams on the grill until the BBQ sauce mixture begins to bubble, a maximum of about 2 minutes. Remove from grill and serve with grilled slices of sourdough bread. Serves 4 as an appetizer.

* Chef Laurent Manrique’s tip: An easy way to open clams is to pop them in the microwave, three at a time, for about 11 seconds. The heat shocks the clams and they’ll open slightly making them easiest to shuck with a knife.


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