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Cafe Brulot

Café Brűlot (started as a Cajun beverage and was very popular after dinner in the 1950s and '60s. It is making a serious comeback in the early 21st century. The elegant beverage is made from coffee, brandy and sugar. Orange and lemon rinds add an exotic flavor and cinnamon adds to the aroma. Café Brűlot is a beverage to delight everyone (except the kiddies). The theatrical flaming beverage is sure to please all your guests.
Categories: Cocktails
Step 1
1 • strip of lemon peel (yellow part only, no pith), long
1 • strip of orange peel (orange part only, no pith), long
4 • Sugar cubes
1 • Cinnamon stick
1 1/2 cups • Cognac
2 cups • Demitasse or espresso coffee
Rub the cubes of sugar on the lemon and orange peels to infuse the citrus oils into the sugar.

Combine the orange and lemon peel, sugar, cinnamon and Cognac in a chafing dish (blazer pan) over medium heat.

When warm, place over a boiling pan of water in your chafer. Keep the coffee close at hand. Fill a ladle with a sugar cube and some of the Cognac. Ignite the ladle and lower into the spiced Cognac mix. Stir and slowly add the coffee. When the flames die down, serve in small coffee cups, Brűlot or demitasse cups.

Some notes: Demitasse or espresso are considerably stronger than regular American coffee. You may substitute regular coffee or de-caf as you like.

For a little added treat, serve with delicate cookies or lady-fingers. Use any leftovers to make a really unique Tiramisú.


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