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Caviar Mango in the Style of el Bulli

Categories: Modernist Cooking
Primary Method: Spherification
Step 1
250 mL • Mango Water
250 g • Mango Puree
1.3 g • Sodium Citrate
1.8 g • Sodium Alginate
Make mango water by infusing mango peels in water.

Strain and reserve.

Dissolve Sodium Citrate in this water; incorporate alginate into mango puree with a hand blender.

Mix two liquids, strain and reserve.
Step 2
6.5 g • Calcium Chloride
1 L • Water
Mix calcium chloride and water, strain, keep cold.

At this point the mango mixture is ready to drop into the calcium chloride bath to form caviar.
Further Spherification Info:

This technique consists of two methods called basic and reverse Spherification, the first technique basic Spherification is created by submerging a liquid mixed with Sodium Alginate into a bath of Calcium Chloride. The second method is created by a liquid mixed with Calcium Lactate Gluconate and submerged into a bath of Sodium Alginate. In both cases the solid elements can be introduced into the spheres, which remain suspended in the liquid blending two or more flavored components in a single component. In some basic Spherification Sodium Citrate is used to correct the acidity and Xanthan Gum can be used as a thickening agent to create the inner component. The line of products above allows you to create spheres in any shape you can imagine from caviar eggs to egg spheres.


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