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The Hakushu Highball

The Hakushu Highball is a simple and refreshing drink – an artful blend of whisky and sparkling water over a generous serving of ice cubes. Check out the illustration to see the proper Japanese way to make it – stir the whisky with ice 13 times. In Japan it’s called a “haibo-ru” and this hip retro drink has made a major comeback in Japan. The drink was very popular in 1950s Japan and it always paired well with Japanese cuisine. Today, Suntory Whisky has been instrumental reviving the highball as a neo-tradition to a new generation of whisky drinkers. The whisky for our Highball is Hakushu Single Malt 12 Year Old, the icon of Japanese nature in whisky. It is the verdant Japanese whisky from Suntory’s unique mountain forest distillery, nestled deep in Japan’s Southern Alps. The fresh and gently smoky whisky blended with soda enhances the characteristics of Hakushu while the mint garnish enhances its herbal citrus notes.
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Step 1
Place large ice cubes up to the brim of the highball glass.

The proportions are 1 part whisky to 3 parts soda water.

Pour Hakushu gently into the glass over ice. Gently stir the whisky with a barspoon.The recommendation is to stir the whisky 13 times, a number favored by Suntory tradition.

Gently pour the soda water over the back of the barspoon into the highball glass.

Garnish with mint.
Recommended sparkling water: Badoit Red or a refined sparkling water with a soft effervescence and without too much salt.

Hakushu 12 Years - Tasting Notes:

Color: champagne gold

Nose: basil, pine needle, green apple

Palate: sweet pear, mint, kiwi

Finish: green tea, subtle smoke


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