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Lime Curd Helper & Lime Curd Paper

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Step 1
500 g • Fresh Lime Juice, whole fruit reserved
400 g • Sugar
4.8 g • Iota Carrageenan
Bring lime juice to a boil with sugar, mixed with Iota Carrageenan and whole limes.
Step 2
450 g • Eggs
Strain out whole limes, add whole eggs, and gently cook over induction, low flame, or a double boiler.

When at 82 Celsius (or pasteurized), strain over iced bain marie.
Step 3
250 g • Butter, cold • diced
When lime mix is between 45 and 50 Celsius, emulsify in the cold butter in dice, preferably using a hand blender. (A robot coupe will work nicely as well, though a blender might be a bit much.)

Strain again, and allow to set at 4 Celsius for a minimum of 6 hours,

preferably overnight to let the flavors develop.
Step 4
The following day, reserve half of the lime curd for plating, and spread the remaining curd on acetate sheets, previously cut to fit the size of your dehydrator tray. Spread as thin as your heart’s desire.

Then dry at 50 Celsius for approximately 6 hours, depending on the precise thickness, and the strength of your dehydrator.

Reserve the lime paper dry, preferably with silica gel.


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