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Fruit de Mer Pop Up

To create a memorable affair, Chef Bob Spiegel and TJ Girard of Pinch Food Design, known for their conversation-starting, interactive food displays at NYC’s hottest events, suggest creating a Fruit De Mer Pop-Up raw bar, complete with delectable mignonette, aioli and cocktail sauce variations.
Categories: Fish, French, Seafood
Step 1
2 • Red bell peppers • seeded, rough chop
1 • Shallot • rough chop
1 • Jalapeño • seeded
1/4 cup • Red wine vinegar
1/4 cup • Sugar
1 • Lemon • juiced
1/4 cup • Fresh grated horseradish
1 tsp • Cayenne pepper
1 tsp • Salt
RED PEPPER COCKTAIL SAUCE: In a small saucepan on low heat, cook the peppers, shallots, jalepeno, vinegar and sugar until the peppers are soft (about 20 minutes). Puree in the blender and cool until the mixture has consistency of ketchup. Once the mixture is cool, add the lemon juice, horseradish, pepper and salt.
Step 2
2 • Shallots • finely chopped
1 1/2 tsp • Butcher ground pepper
1/2 cup • Cabernet vinegar
3 leaf • Shiso • roughly chopped
SHISO MIGNONETTE: Mix all ingredients together and let sit for at least a half hour so the shallots cook in the vinegar.
Step 3
2 • Egg yolks
2 tsp • Dijon mustard
• Juice of 1 lemon • zest reserved
1/4 tsp • Salt
1/4 tsp • Ground black pepper
1/4 tsp • Cayenne pepper
3/4 cup • Olive oil • (not extra virgin)
2 tbsp • Capers
• Reserved lemon zest
2 tbsp • Parsley - chopped
LEMON CAPER MAYO: In a stainless steel bowl, whisk together the yolks, Dijon, lemon juice, salt, pepper and cayenne. Slowly pour in the oil creating an emulsion; add the capers, zest and parsley.
Step 4
8 • Oysters • shucked
15 • Extra-large shrimp
2 • 1 ¾-pound lobsters, steamed, shucked, tails cut in half
1 • Lemon • cut into wedges around se
• Crushed ice
RAW BAR ASSEMBLY: Fill a baguette baking pan or 9-inch metal rolling tray with crushed ice. Display the shrimp, oysters and lobster intermittently with the lemon wedges and the three sauces.


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