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Quince Dessert with Mincemeat & Grape Molasses

Categories: Desserts, Fruits, Turkish
Step 1
3 • Quinces
2 tbsp • Mincemeat
1/2 cup • Rice
1 1/2 cups • Molasses
2 1/2 tbsp • Cream
Carve the quinces from the stalks and take out 1/3 of the inner parts. In another bowl, mix rice, minced meat and 3 tbsps of grape molasses. Fill this mixture in the quinces. Then put the quinces in a small pan. Mix the rest of the molasses with a little bit of water, add it in the pan and cover the lid. Sizzle at low heat for around 30 minutes. Once fully cooked, allow it to chill. When serving, cut the quinces in half and sauce with molasses in the pan. Serve with cream.


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