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Crunchy Cinnamon Granola

10 serving
Prep Time:
45 minutes
Portion Size:
1 each
Step 1
7 1/2 oz • Steel cut oats
1/2 cup • Flaxseed
1/2 cup • Hemp seed
1 1/4 oz • Sunflower seeds, unsalted
2 tbsp • Cinnamon
1 tsp • Cardamom • Ground
1 tsp • Nutmeg
Preheat oven to 350F.

Mix in large bowl. Set aside.
Step 2
6 fl oz • Apple juice
4 fl oz • Prune juice
Heat and reduce juices by 1/3.
Step 3
1 cup • Raisins, dried apricots, dried apples, dried cranberries, or any variety • chopped
4 fl oz • Milk - skim
2 fl oz • Honey
Add dry fruit to hot juices and slowly cook for 1 minute. Take off stove and add in honey and milk.

Pour hot mixture over seasoned oats, seed and grains mixture.
Step 4
• Coconut- Shredded • unsweetened
• Pumpkin seeds • toasted
Add in Coconut and pumpkin seed and mix until well combined.

Spray sheet pan with vegetable oil spray. Pour mixture on sheet pan and bake at 350F to toast. Stir to keep oats from burning and to brown granola evenly. This takes about 1/2 hour.

Remove and allow to cool. Store in air tight container. Serve with fresh and dried fruits, yogurt and nuts.
Can be used as a snack as well as a breakfast cereal. Serve with yogurt and fresh fruits; add to oatmeal or cream of wheat.


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