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Pear Goat Cheese Tartin

Photo by sanickels
Categories: Cheese, Fruits, Pastry, Vegetables
Photo by sanickels
Step 1
1 gal • Water
1 qt • White wine
2 qt • Sugar
5 whole • Cinnamon stick • toasted
10 whole • Star anise • toasted
6 • Thyme sprigs
3 • Bay leaf
Poach for 45 min. Let steep.
Step 2
2 lb • Goat cheese
3 qt • Fennel • julienne
3 qt • Onion • julienne
2 qt • Red onion
20 whole • Pears • peeled
Sweat vegies till soft add choped thyme and salt & pepper. Poach Pears in poaching liquid. Slice off tops off poached pears chop and mix them with veggie mix. Cut pears in half then slice thin, not all the way through. Use 1/4 piece per tart. Reduce poaching liquid to syrup and put syrup on bottom of 4oz cup. Fan 1/4 piece of pear then place veggie mix on top. 1 oz of goat cheese, salt and pepper. Place puff pastry circle on top, use 3 1/4 inch cutter for pastry tops.

Yeilds 74 4oz cups.


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