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Roasted Stuffed Chiles

Photo by Suzies Farm
Categories: 1st Course, Cheese, Mexican, Vegetables, Vegetarian
Photo by Suzies Farm
Step 1
10 each • Anaheim chiles
Slit peppers lengthwise, remove seeds and ribs, leave stems on.

** Poblanos, Anchos, Mulatos and Cubanelles can also be used
Step 2
1 cup • Ricotta cheese
1/2 cup • Sonoma jack cheese • shredded
1 each • Garlic clove • minced
1 each • Egg • beaten
1/2 cup • Bread crumbs - fresh
1 tsp • Cumin-ground
Salt and Pepper to taste to taste
Combine all ingredients until mixed well. Stuff chillies and arrange cut side up on grill grid over medium coals. Cover the grill and roast 10 minutes; until the chillies are browned and the fillings is slightly puffed.


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