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Christmas Artichoke Stuffing

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A great bread stuffing for stuffed artichokes at the christmas table.
Categories: 2nd Course, Stuffings, Vegetables
2 lb
Prep Time:
1 hours
Portion Size:
3 oz
Photo by mdholtdesign
Step 1
1 lb • Fresh bread crumbs
11 each • Artichoke stems • cooked, peeled, chopped
3 oz • Sopressatta • minced
4 oz • Onion-Spanish • minced, sauteed
4 tbsp • Italian parsley (flat-leaf) • chopped
3 each • Garlic cloves • sauteed
3 each • Eggs - large • boiled, chopped
4 oz • Lemon juice
3 oz • Olive oil, extra virgin
1 each • Red bell pepper • roasted, diced, no seeds
1 cup • Parmesan cheese - grated
Mix all the ingredients taking care not to break up the ingredients. Fill the boiled artichokes with the stuffing topping them generously with a mound of stuffing. Then sprinkle with the cheese. Put in a 350f oven in a roasting pan, covered with foil, when very hot, uncover and let the cheese brown a bit under the broiler.
Artichoke amount may vary depending on the size of the chokes.


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