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Bisque de Homard

Categories: 1st Course, Fish, Seafood, Soups
Step 1
2.5 lb • Lobster bodies • cleaned and cut
6 oz • Peanut oil
In a large heavy skillet, heat the oil to smoking, cook the lobster shells until red. Remove shells from pan but do not discard.
Step 2
3 oz • Peanut oil • very hot
2 oz • Carrot • thin sliced
2 oz • Fennel • thin sliced
2 oz • Shallot • thin sliced
1 oz • Parsnip • thin sliced
1 tbsp • Tomato paste
.5 tsp • Fennel seed
.5 tsp • Juniper berry
.25 tsp • Black pepper
2 each • Bay leaf
2 oz • Butter
2 oz • Brandy
1 cup • Chardonnay
Add the vegetables to the pan and lower the heat, sweat them, add the tomato and cook gently for 5 minutes. Add the shells to the pan. Raise the heat, add spices, butter, and flame with the brandy, when the flame goes out add the wine and simmer to reduce by half.
Step 3
4 oz • Arborio rice • raw
6.5 cup • Chicken stock
Water as needed
Add the rice and the stock to the pan, simmer gently for 30 minutes, do not reduce. Add water to replenish any lost liquid. Grind this all together in a blender and pass through a fine chinoise.
Step 4
4 oz • Cream
Use cream to finish, add the meat at service to avoid further cooking


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