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Roasted Pears

Photo by Muy Yum
Categories: Breakfast, Desserts, Fruits
Primary Method: Roasting
20 piece
Prep Time:
1 hours
Portion Size:
1 piece
Photo by Muy Yum
Step 1
10 each • Pears • peeled, moderately ripe
The peeled pears should be cut in half lengthwise, the seeds removed using a suitable parisian scoop and the fibrous part of the core removed with a small knife. As trimmed, they are laid onto a screen in a sheet pan.
Step 2
1 cup • Sugar
1 tbsp • Salt, kosher
1/2 tsp • Mace
1 tsp • Mustard
Mix the spices, sugar and salt, grind them fine, then dip the round side of the pears into the mix to coat the outside of each thoroughly. Lay them back on the screen cut side down and allow to rest overnight in the cooler uncovered.
Step 3
6 oz • Olive oil
Brush the pears with the oil and place into a 450 f convection oven for about 8 minutes or until they are carmelized. Remove to a 300F oven and allow them to cook until tender. Remove and chill at once.


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