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Chicken Liver Paté

Great as a spread with Grilled Breads or Tartine with watercress and pickled onions
Categories: 1st Course, Dips, Spreads
Prep Time:
45 minutes
Step 1
2 lb • Chicken livers
16 oz • Milk - Whole
1/4 tsp • Curing Salt # 1
Mix salt and milk, pour over livers, refrigerate 24 hrs
Step 2
1/2 tsp • Kosher salt
1/2 tsp • Sugar
Oil - vegetable as needed
6 oz • Port Wine
Drain, wash, clean and dry livers on a towel

Mix livers with seasoning

Heat oil covering the bottom of the pan, heat to smoke. Sear livers in a single layer with out touching for about a minute per side. Remove and deglaze pan with port wine, reduce by 1/2 and pour over livers.
Step 3
6 oz • Cream Cheese • from step 2
8 oz • Butter • softened
Robo Coupe Preparation: When livers and wine are cool, process then add in softened butter and cream cheese all until smooth. Cool, store and label
Step 4
For Pacojet Preparation:

When livers and wine are cool, fold together with soften butter and whipped cream cheese place in pacotizing beaker, Seal the beaker, label and freeze at -7°F for at least 24 hours.


Pacotize twice as needed and allow to temper before serving.


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