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Apple Butter

Categories: Breakfast, Fruits, Sauces, Spreads
5-6 cups
Prep Time:
1.5 hours
Step 1
12 whole • Granny Smith Apples • peeled
1 cup • Brown or white sugar
1 tsp • Cinnanmon • ground
1/4 tsp • Nutmeg • ground
1 cup • Apple cider vinegar • to cover in stockpot
1/2 tsp • Kosher salt
Cut the apples into quarters and de-seed. Cut each quarter into thirds and in a large saucepan combine with the sugar, vinegar and spices.

Cover and simmer until the apples are soft. Pass through a medium china cap or sieve and return to the heat. On a low simmer cook the mixture until it is the thickness of pudding. Remove, chill quickly and jar.


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