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Hot Chocolate

This will warm your heart and feed your soul on those cold winter days. Rich in flavor, just decadent enough.
Categories: Beverage, Drinks
4 cups
Portion Size:
10 oz
Step 1
1 pt • Milk
1 pt • Light cream
In a sauce pot, place milk and cream over low flame. Bring to a rolling simmer. Then take off fire.
Step 2
1/2 cup • Semi Sweet Chocolate • chopped
1/4 cup • Bitter Sweet Chocolate • chopped
1 tbsp • Espresso
1 tsp • Vanilla extract
2 tbsp • cocoa powder
Add in chopped chocolate to warm milk mixture.Stir to incorporate. Add in espresso, vanilla and cocoa powder and whisk to a smooth mixture, Place on a low heat for a minute to make sure mixture is hot and ,melts thoroughly.
Step 3
• Heavy cream
• Sugar
• Candy Cane Garnish
In a chilled bowl, Start whipping cream, slowly add in sugar and continue whipping until stiff peaks are formed. Pour hot chocolate into your favorite mugs, Top with Whip cream, and garnish with a candy cane stirrer.


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