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Cheese Fondue: Restaurant

Photo by bigbirdz
Home cooks be warned, this recipe makes a restaurant sized portion of fondue. Enough for a night of service. Or one really great party.
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Photo by bigbirdz
Step 1
4 whole • White onions - Large • julienne
2 tbsp • Garlic • chopped
1.5 cup • Oil/Clarified Butter Blend
1/2 cup • Flour
5 qt • Beer - Sam Adams
3 lb • Cream Cheese
7.5 lb • Cheddar cheese • shredded
3 lb • Cheese scraps • chopped
1 qt • Grana Panada • grated
3 tbsp • Garlic puree
1/2 bottle • Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup • Chipotle Tabasco
Salt and white pepper to taste
Caramelize onions and chopped garlic in oil/butter blend. Add flour, cook till blonde. Deglaze with beer; bring to simmer, reduce heat. Add cheese scraps and cream cheese, whisk till blended. Add rest of ingredients, cool. Portion into vessel & top with shredded cheddar.


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