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Pate de Fruits

Photo by ulterior epicure
Categories: Pastry
Photo by ulterior epicure
Step 1
50 g • Sugar
50 • Pectin powder
Mix together.
Step 2
1 kg • Fruit purée (any flavor)
200 g • Glucose
1 kg • Super compote de pomme
Mix with ingredients from first step, then cook until mixture bubbles.
Step 3
1350 g • Sugar
Add to mixture and cook until it bubbles again.
Step 4
1350 g • Sugar
Add this second batch of sugar to mixture and cook until it bubbles once more.
Step 5
30 g • Tartaric acid
Add 30 to 35 grams of acid to bubbling mixture. Immediately pour onto a Silpat (it turns solid very quickly). Let cool. Cut into small cubes and toss in sugar.


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