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A classic from Provence and Languedoc, France. Puree of salt cod, olive oil and milk/cream.
Categories: Appetizers, Fish, French, Seafood
Step 1
2 lb 8 oz • Salt Cod
4 oz • Olive oil, extra virgin
Pre soak the salt cod for 1-2 days, changing water ever few hours.

Poach gently, drain and remove any skin or bones.

In a heavy pan, heat oil and place salt cod in the pan and start to crush with a wooden spoon while heating slowly.
Step 2
16 oz • Olive oil, extra virgin
8 oz • Milk/ Cream
• Salt and White pepper
When a paste starts to form fold in remaining oil alternating with boiled milk or cream. The result is a smooth white paste consistency of mashed potatoes. Finish with salt and pepper if needed.


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