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Banana Polenta Soufflé

Categories: Desserts
Step 1
20 oz • Skim milk
1/4 whole • Orange • zest of
Steep milk with orange peel. Discard peel.
Step 2
3 oz • Sugar
2 1/2 oz • Corn meal
Bring milk to a simmer and add sugar and corn meal. Whisk carefully to prevent lumps.
Step 3
5 oz • Banana • purée
1 oz • Banana • chopped
Add fruit purée and garnish. Cool to room temperature.
Step 4
5 oz • Egg white
1 oz • Sugar
Whisk egg whites and sugar to a medium peak meringue.

Fold polenta mixture.

Divide into 10 lightly buttered soufflé molds dusted with corn meal.

Bake in a water bath at 400°F until risen, but still creamy in center.

Dust with powdered sugar.
Step 5
1 3/4 oz • Whipped cream
3/4 oz • Grand Marnier
Combine Grand Marnier and whipped cream.

Serve each soufflé with 1/3 ounce of whipped cream.


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