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Photo by *Idit*
Haroset is a spread served with matzo.
Categories: Jewish, Spreads
Photo by *Idit*
Step 1
1/2 cup • Walnuts
1/4 cup • Sugar
2 each • Apples
2-3 tbsp • Lemon juice
1 tsp • Cinnamon
1/2 cup • Almonds • chopped
12 each • Dates • chopped
1/4 cup • Pine nuts
• Matzo • for serving
Grind the walnuts with the sugar in a food processor until fine.
Step 2
Peel and core the apples. Grate them and add 2 tablespoons lemon juice.
Step 3
Stir in the ground nut mixture, cinnamon, almonds and dates. Taste and add more lemon juice if desired.
Step 4
To serve, spread on a flat dish and decorate with the pine nuts. Serve as a spread with matzo.


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