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Pinot Noir Curing Solution

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This was developed to cure venison, boar and game birds such as duck, goose, woodcock, quail and squab for charcuterie and garde manger preparations. items can spend a longer period in the light brine since the salt and sugar content is lower than a usual cure. Once cured they are usually poached or otherwise cooked very gently.
Categories: Brines
3 qt
Prep Time:
10 minutes
Photo by by shutterbean
Step 1
3 qt • Pinot Noir
2 lb • Dried cherries
Heat the wine to 125F and add the cherries, allow to stand overnight at room temperature. Strain using pressure and reserve half the wine and all the cherries. ***the remaining half of the wine is to be reduced and used as "paint" for the breasts***
Step 2
3 oz • Sugar
2 oz • Kosher salt
3 tbsp • Black Peppercorn • toasted
1 tsp • Juniper berries • toasted
2 tbsp • Fennel seed • toasted
2 sprig • Thyme - fresh
• Half the wine
1.5 qt • Water
Bring all to a boil let stand 1/2 hour, chill rapidly.


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