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Lobster Thermidor

Lobster Thermidor is a French dish consisting of a creamy mixture of cooked lobster meat, egg yolks and cognac stuffed into a lobster shell. It is finished with a glace which consists of hollandaise sauce, heavy whipping cream and mornay sauce.
Categories: Classical, Entrees, French, Seafood
Primary Method: Sauce preparation
8 each
Prep Time:
2 hours
Step 1
4 oz • Butter
1 oz • Shallots
2 oz • Cognac
1 cup • White wine
8 oz • Mushrooms, sliced
1 oz lb • Mustard, dry English
4 each 2.5 lb • Lobster, whole split
2 cups • Fish velouté • thick
1 oz • Parsley,white pepper, tarragon

Split lobster in half lengthwise, remove intestinal vein and save coral and tamale. Cut meat into even chunks.

For the SAUCE:

Place butter into a sauce pot, melt and brown slightly, add in sliced shallots, mushrooms, cook slightly. Add cognac and white wine. Cook 5-6 minutes. Add diced lobster meat, coral and tamale. Season with salt and pepper. Add fish veloute and mustard. Bring to a boil and season to taste. Fill lobster shells with mixture and place in a roasting pan. Pour Glace sauce over and brown in a very hot oven 500°F oven or under the broiler.
Step 2
4 oz • Hollandaise sauce
4 oz • Mornay sauce
2 oz • Heavy cream, whipped

Fold whipped cream into the hollandaise and mornay sauce
cognac Classical preparation of a creamy rich sauce and lobster stuffed back into its shell, created by famed chef, August Escoffier.

The very classical preparation includes a sauce made from lobster and sole Lenten espagnole, flavored with cognac, blended with sauce supreme and finished with lobster butter. It should be somewhat thick to facilitate the gratin.

Gratin method:

The lobster meat in the most refined form would be cooked in the shell ¾ done, removed so as to leave the carcass whole, the small meats chopped and placed in the bottom of the carcass, the tail sliced and laid on top of that. All would be coated with the sauce then buttered fresh bread crumbs and finished in a very hot oven can be decorated with black truffles


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