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Veal Demi

Photo by ulterior epicure
Categories: Beef, Sauces
Photo by ulterior epicure
Step 1
50 lb • Veal shank bones
Wash bones in cold water to remove excess blood. Place bones in a large stock pot and cover with cold water; bring to a rolling simmer. Skim off all scum that is on the surface and let simmer rapidly for 30 minutes.
Step 2
4 • Celery • bunches, cleaned, trimmed
1 each • Thyme, bunch
.5 each • Rosemary, bunch
10 each • Bay leaves, fresh
15 each • Carrots - large
12 each • Onion-Spanish
After celery is washed and trimmed, Construct bunches of the thyme, rosemary, and bay to create bouquet garni, using butchers twine.

Peel carrots and reserve on side. Peel onions and place on flat top for Onion Brule. Place bouquet garni, carrots, and onions in stock pot.
Step 3
18 oz • Tomato paste
2 L • Red wine
Mix together tomato paste and red wine to make it pourable. Pour into veal bone mixture.
Step 4
Continue to cook stock at a rolling simmer for 8 hours. Strain and cool both stock and bones.
Step 5
Next day: fill large stock pot with bones and cold water and simmer for 8 hours to create a remouillage. Strain, discard bones, and cool down stock.
Step 6
Combine remouillage and veal stock together and reduce to proper consistency. Skim stock as it reduces. Strain.


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