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Job Descriptions

Hotel Assistant Executive Steward

Reports to
Executive steward or executive chef.
To achieve company goals, F&B goals, stewarding goals, customer satisfaction, clean, sanitized and organized kitchens. Manage the department while in charge.
  • Guests
  • employees
  • associate team
  • management team
  • local community and vendors
Indicators of Success
  • Achievement of customer satisfaction and loyalty goals.
  • Achievement of F&B revenue, profit and customer satisfaction goals.
  • Achievement of employee satisfaction and retention goals.
  • Achievement of the company’s financial goals.
  • Achievement of departmental goals.
Areas of Responsibility
  • Develop and implement strategies for stewarding that are aligned with the company’s F&B objectives.
  • Create a good working atmosphere for employees through communication skills and reinforcement.
  • Deliver the company experience to employees and guests through great service, clean and polished equipment, good manners and great human skills.
  • Always be properly dressed and presentable, with a professional manner.
  • Check, tour and inspect all stations, kitchens and back-of-the-house (BOH) areas when arriving and before leaving.
  • Make sure dish machines and other machines are maintained and clean.
  • Check schedule to assure your employees are here and on time.
  • Distribute chemicals and cleaning supplies to stewards.
  • Distribute a “side duties list” to your employees and check that everything is done before the end of their shift.
  • Assign working areas for your employees.
  • Check all BEO’s for any upcoming events.
  • During slow periods, keep your employees busy by cleaning and keeping the BOH well maintained.
  • Make sure all equipment is in its proper area.
  • Assist in any BOH area when needed.
  • Instruct your employees how to avoid accidents or dangerous actions.
  • Monitor arrival time, breaks and departure time of your employees.
  • Receive deliveries of equipment and store it in the right place.
  • Teach your employees to work as a team.
  • Do inventory counts whenever needed and maintain par level of stock.
  • Make sure silver room and office is organized and clean.
  • Check the garbage area while garbage is being removed and afterwards, and make sure garbage room area is sanitized and disinfected.
  • Make sure banquet props and any other equipment are back in place.
  • Notify your manager of any equipment shortage or any arising problem.
  • Check all F&B outlets for any need before the end of your shift.
Success Factors
  • Focus on the customer: Seek to understand the (internal/external) customer and meet the needs of both the customer and the company.
  • Drive for results: Work to achieve high levels of personal and organizational performance to meet or exceed objectives.
  • Foster teamwork: Work well in a team environment and motivate teams to sustain exceptional levels of performance.
  • Improve continuously: Constantly assess and adapt current practices to perform a task better, faster or more efficiently.
  • Attend to detail: Ensure that data is accurate and work is thorough, meeting the highest standards.
  • Build strong relationships: Foster trust and cooperation among coworkers, customers and suppliers; develop and sustain personal contact to provide mutual benefit.
  • Share information: Provide information so that coworkers, customers and suppliers understand and can take action.
Key Skills and Requirements
  • One or two years of management experience in kitchen operations.
  • Delegation: Assign tasks using such techniques as needs analysis, individual skills assessment, objective setting and communication.
  • Organization: Demonstrate ability to proactively prioritize needs and effectively manage resources.
  • Performance management, supervisory: Demonstrate ability to relate to, communicate with and motivate employees to sustain high performance and quality levels.
  • Planning: Skilled in determining whether tasks should be attempted, identifying the most effective way of completing the task and preparing to overcome expected difficulties.
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