Hotel Event Coordinator | Job Descriptions |

Hotel Event Coordinator

Reports to
Director of Catering
To assist the director of catering and event managers with the daily operation of the catering office, facilitate the distribution of catering information to all departments within the hotel, manage administrative office functions, produce and coordinate meetings and special events.
  • Guests
  • Employees
  • Associate team
  • Management team
  • The local community
Indicators of Success
  • Achievement of customer satisfaction and loyalty goals.
Areas of Responsibility
  • Develop and/or follow standards of procedure for:
  • Answering phones
  • Distributing incoming inquiries
  • Catering filing system
  • Organizing marketing material
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Creating BEOs
  • Distribution of daily guarantee sheet
  • Distribution of BEOs and status changes by 2 p.m. daily, 10 days prior to function
  • Distribution of daily events by 2 p.m. daily
  • Distribution of weekly 10-day events forecast
  • Communication of all function changes to relevant departments immediately
  • Maintaining catering menus in Delphi
  • Maintaining forms and documents
  • Thank you’s and follow-ups with clients
  • BEO meetings
  • Building and maintaining proper quantities of sales kits
  • Delphi administration
  • Coordinating all aspects of events with clients
  • Audio visual knowledge and pricing information
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