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Job Descriptions

Hotel Beverage Manager

Reports to
Restaurant Manager
To create the company experience for guests by providing beverage service to customers
  • Guests
  • Employees
Indicators of Success
  • Achievement of customer satisfaction and loyalty goals
  • Cleanliness of lounge area
Areas of Responsibility
  • Deliver the company experience for guests
  • Work with the company team to create the company experience for guests
  • Create an environment for guests designed to stimulate all senses through personal services, amenities and experiences
  • Follow up with guests with additional services that enhance the guests’ experience
  • Handle guest requests personally and/or refer as appropriate
  • Demonstrate company values when providing service and teamwork
  • Create luxury for all the senses by preparing beverages and serving guests in the bar accordance with company standards
  • Set and maintain purchasing procedures for all beverages
  • Maintain par levels of stocked beverages at all times
  • Display beverage selections in an attractive manner
  • Maintain cleanliness of bar area at all times
  • Suggest non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage selections
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of beverage recipes and mixing procedures
  • Prepare drinks in accordance with the guest’s order
  • Maintain knowledge of beverages and wines
  • Create and maintain all beverage lists
  • Adhere to legal and/or company policies and standards
  • Understand and follow the laws and guidelines for beverage service
  • Handle cash, checks and/or credit cards in accordance with company policies
Success Factors
  • Focus on the customer: Seek to understand the (internal/external) customer and meet the needs of both the customer and the company.
  • Attend to detail: Ensure that data is accurate and work is thorough, meeting the highest standards.
  • Improve continuously: Constantly assess and adapt current practices to perform a task better, faster or more efficiently.
  • Share information: Provide information so that coworkers, customers and suppliers understand and can take action.
  • Fosters teamwork: Work well in a team environment and motivate teams to sustain exceptional levels of performance.
  • Develop self and others: Continually work to develop own capabilities and the capabilities of others.
  • Drive for results: Work to achieve high levels of personal and organizational performance to meet or exceed objectives.
Key Skills and Requirements
  • Organization: Demonstrate ability to proactively prioritize needs and effectively manage resources.
  • Planning: Skilled in determining whether tasks should be attempted, identifying the most effective way to complete the task, and preparing to overcome expected difficulties.
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