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The Manhattan Cocktail Classic



New York City Festival All Regions Part festival, part fête, part conference, part cocktail party – the Manhattan Cocktail Classic is an annual celebration of the myriad points of intersection between cocktails and culture. With nearly one hundred events spread across five days and four boroughs, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic offers a vast array of unique experiences to enthusiasts and professionals alike, expanding the very definition of what constitutes a “cocktail event".

The sprawling festival offers up nearly 100 individually ticketed events across the five days of festivities: parties, pairings, dinners, dances, workshops, lectures, tiki-tours, bar crawls - and of course, the now-legendary opening night Gala at The New York Public Library. These events take place all across New York City (yes, not just in the borough of Manhattan, lest the name imply otherwise...) Ticket prices vary by event, but typically range from $25 to $250.

Running parallel to all these fabulous ticketed events is a separate trade conference called the Industry Invitational. The programming of the Invitational is geared specifically towards hospitality industry professionals, and consists of TED-style talks, tastings, panels, competitions, networking opportunities, and more.

(Photo: Bartender Jeff Bell fine strains a cocktail concoction at Stories from Behind the Bar: PDT (Please Don’t Tell). Photo Credit: Virginia Rollison)

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