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Boozy Baker Jane Danger

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During the pre-Beard Awards Chef’s Night Out last week, we ran into baker Jane Danger in the swanky Campari Red Lounge where she was offering up bittersweet Campari spiked confections like
Campari Shortbread with Lemon Rose Buttercream, Campari Strawberry Buns with Rhubarb Bitters Frosting and
Campari Bitter Macaroons. “I’m a huge fan of Campari and have been for as long as I can remember, I love the bitter depth” explained Jane. “These sweets are my personal homage to the spirit.”

But these Campari treats are not the only booze-infused sweets that Danger serves. Her saucy East Village bakeshop Jane’s Sweet Buns is filled with cocktail inspired creations, like Dark and Stormy cinnamon buns, butter brushed Old Fashioned buns with bourbon, pecan and Angostura bitters, Strawberry Fix —Aperol, strawberries, lemon and berry cream cheese frosting — and Rum Runner with aged rum, Galliano, nutmeg and raisins.
She began her culinary career behind the bar, mixing craft cocktails. She started at the iconic and infamous CBGB’s before working her way through some of the best drinks dens in NYC, including PDT, Death & Co, Little Branch and Cienfuegos. She began baking at home, tweaking her family recipes with a bit of bourbon here and there. Her creations were a hit among her bartending peers, which inspired her to trade her muddler for a rolling pin. But these are no liquor drenched Rum babas or jello shots — these buns have a serious mixology backbone, with layered balanced flavors and a sensation that goes beyond sweet. No swizzle stick required.


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