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OAD Announced The Best 100+ U.S. Restaurants

Today, Opinionated About Dining (OAD) served up the fourth edition of its annual top U.S. restaurants ± with a twist. This year, the Top 100 list was renamed “Top 100+ U.S. Restaurants” in order to offer up a a total of 200 destinations across America, representing exceptional dining experiences.

“For 2015, I changed the name of the list to Top 100+” says OAD’s founder, renowned diner Steve Plotnicki. “By extending the list to 200 entries, it gave the OAD community of reviewers a wider breadth of expression in terms of listing the types of places where they like to eat while allowing for a greater number of talented chefs to be applauded for their work.”

Some of the restaurant entering the Top 100 for the first time include: Ludo Lefebvre’s Los Angeles based Trois Mec; Chicago’s 42 Grams, run by husband-wife duo Jake Bickelhaupt and Alexa Welsh; Carlos Salgado’s progressive Mexican restaurant, Taco Maria, set in Costa Mesa, California; Greenpoint, New York’s Luksus helmed by ex-Noma pastry chef, Daniel Burns; and Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s, One Restaurant, run by chef Kim Floresca and her husband, pastry chef Daniel Ryan.

New York retains it's spot as the most densely desirable dining locale on the list with a total of 50 restaurants in the Top 200, followed by Los Angeles with 27 entries, San Francisco with 25 entries, Chicago with 18 restaurants listed, Boston/Portland, ME/Providence with 11, the Washington D.C. region with 9 entries and Las Vegas with 7. However, smaller markets with more than one restaurant on the list are also notable including those from Austin, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Portland, Oregon with four restaurants each. OAD’s Top 100+ U.S. Restaurants, include:

1 Saison San Francisco, CA
2 Willows Inn Lummi Island, WA
3 Urasawa Beverly Hills, CA
4 Manresa Los Gatos, CA
5 é by josé andrés Las Vegas, NV
6 minibar Washington, DC
7 Alinea Chicago, IL
8 Masa New York, NY
9 French Laundry Yountville, CA
10 Blue Hill at Stone Barns Pocantico Hills, NY
11 Atelier Crenn San Francisco, CA
12 Per Se New York, NY
13 Restaurant at Meadowood St. Helena, CA
14 Aubergine Carmel, CA
15 McCrady's Charleston, SC
16 Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare Brooklyn, NY
17 Schwa Chicago, IL
18 Kuruma Zushi New York, NY
19 Sushi Yasuda New York, NY
20 Providence Los Angeles, CA
21 Sushi Taro (omakase counter) Washington, DC
22 Catbird Seat Nashville, TN
23 Elements Princeton, NJ
24 Eleven Madison Park New York, NY
25 Jean George New York, NY
26 Ichimura at Brushstroke New York, NY
27 Benu San Francisco, CA
28 Husk Charleston, SC
29 Le Bernardin New York, NY
30 Blanca Brooklyn, NY
31 Castagna Portland, OR
32 Grace Chicago, IL
33 Next Chicago, IL
34 Trois Mec Los Angeles, CA
35 Sushi Zo Los Angeles, CA
36 Sushi Nakazawa New York, NY
37 Momofuku Ko New York, NY
38 Hugo's Portland, ME
39 Kyo Ya New York, NY
40 Marea New York, NY
41 Nozawa Bar Beverly Hills, CA
42 Coi San Francisco, CA
43 Commis Oakland, CA
44 Bouley New York, NY
45 Oxheart Houston, TX
46 Marinus Carmel, CA
47 Komi Washington, DC
48 Uni Boston, MA
49 Quince San Francisco, CA
50 O Ya Boston, MA
51 Blue Hill New York, NY
52 Soto New York, NY
53 Binkley's Cave Creek, AZ
54 15 East New York, NY
55 Sanford Milwaukee, WI
56 North Fork Table & Inn Southold, NY
57 Spiaggia Chicago, IL
58 Peter Luger Brooklyn, NY
59 42 Grams Chicago, IL
60 Daniel New York, NY
61 George's California Modern La Jolla, CA
62 Guy Savoy Las Vegas, NV
63 Sugiyama New York, NY
64 Minetta Tavern New York, NY
65 Forage Salt Lake City, UT
66 Frasca Food & Wine Boulder, CO
67 Taco Maria Costa Mesa, CA
68 Le Pigeon Portland, OR
69 Mélisse Santa Monica, CA
70 Mori Sushi Los Angeles, CA
71 Shunji Los Angeles, CA
72 Luksus Brooklyn, NY
73 Totoraku Los Angeles, CA
74 .Ink West Hollywood, CA
75 Commonwealth San Francisco, CA
76 Birch Providence RI
77 Volt Frederick, MD
78 Il Grano Los Angeles, CA
79 One Restaurant Chapel Hill, NC
80 Betony New York, NY
81 Acquerello San Francisco, CA
82 Orsa & Winston Los Angeles, CA
83 Sons & Daughters San Francisco, CA
84 Uchi Austin, TX
85 Ox Portland, OR
86 NoMad New York, NY
87 Goosefoot Chicago, IL
88 Eating House Coral Gables, FL
89 Rose's Luxury Washington, DC
90 Fig Charleston, SC
91 Maude Beverly Hills, CA
92 Matsuhisa West Hollywood, CA
93 Carnevino Las Vegas, NV
94 Craft New York, NY
95 Underbelly Houston, TX
96 Restaurant Eugene Atlanta, GA
97 Scratch Bar West Hollywood, CA
98 L'Etoile Madison, WI
99 Niche St. Louis, MO
100 Bestia Los Angeles, CA
101 No. 9 Park Boston, MA
102 Cut Beverly Hills, CA
103 Osteria Mozza Los Angeles, CA
104 Lotus of Siam Las Vegas, NV
105 Nobu New York, NY
106 Canlis Seattle, WA
107 Miyake Portland, ME
108 Momofuku Ssäm Bar New York, NY
109 Frontera Grill Chicago, IL
110 Joel Robuchon at the Mansion Las Vegas, NV
111 Momofuku Noodle Bar New York, NY
112 Pok Pok Portland, OR
113 Piccolo Minneapolis, MN
114 Acme New York, NY
115 Alma Los Angeles, CA
116 Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria New York, NY
117 Hen of the Wood Waterbury, VT
118 Chi Spacca Los Angeles, CA
119 Barley Swine Austin, TX
120 Dover Brooklyn, NY
121 Bondir Cambridge, MA
122 Woodberry Kitchen Baltimore, MD
123 Baumé Palo Alto, CA
124 Morimoto Philadelphia, PA
125 North Pond Chicago, IL
126 Café Juanita Kirkland, WA
127 Aburiya Raku Las Vegas, NV
128 Son of a Gun Los Angeles, CA
129 Topolobampo Chicago, IL
130 Gary Danko San Francisco, CA
131 Café Boulud New York, NY
132 Chez Panisse Berkeley, CA
133 Aldea New York, NY
134 Ad Hoc Yountville, CA
135 Takashi New York, NY
136 Zuni Café San Francisco, CA
137 Fork Philadelphia, PA
138 Jung Sik New York, NY
139 Addison Del Mar, CA
140 Pêche Seafood Grill New York, NY
141 Nico Osteria Chicago, IL
142 Eventide Oyster Bar Portland, ME
143 Sushi Ota San Diego, CA
144 Rogue 24 Washington, DC
145 Moto Chicago, IL
146 Spinasse Seattle, WA
147 Twist by Pierre Gagnaire Las Vegas, NV
148 N/Naka Los Angeles, CA
149 El Ideas Chicago, IL
150 Frances San Francisco, CA
151 Foreign & Domestic Austin, TX
152 Menton Boston, MA
153 Swan Oyster Depot San Francisco, CA
154 Serpico Philadelphia, PA
155 Boulevard San Francisco, CA
156 Cochon New Orleans, LA
157 Rasika Washington, DC
158 Husk Nashville Nashville, TN
159 Animal Los Angeles, CA
160 Angelini Osteria Los Angeles, CA
161 Connie & Ted's West Hollywood, CA
162 Sushi of Gari New York, NY
163 The Bazaar West Hollywood, CA
164 Elizabeth's Chicago, IL
165 Gramercy Tavern New York, NY
166 Empellón Cocina New York, NY
167 Admiral Asheville, NC
168 Rosinjin New York, NY
169 AKA Bistro Lincoln, MA
170 Blackberry Farm Walland, TN
171 Gautreau's New Orleans, LA
172 Lilette New Orleans, LA
173 Babbo New York, NY
174 Sawa Sushi Sunnyvale, CA
175 Little Serow Washington, DC
176 Bern's Steak House Tampa, FL
177 Au Cheval Chicago, IL
178 Chez Panisse Café Berkeley, CA
179 The Bohemian New York, NY
180 Clio Boston, MA
181 Galatoire's New Orleans, LA
182 Aquavit New York, NY
183 Prune New York, NY
184 Cúrate Asheville, NC
185 Congress Austin, TX
186 Casta Tua Miami Beach, FL
187 Bacchanalia Atlanta, GA
188 The Modern New York, NY
189 Dirt Candy New York, NY
190 Highlands Bar & Grill Birmingham, AL
191 Purple Pig Chicago, IL
192 Sixteen Chicago, IL
193 Stephan Pyle's Restaurant Dallas, TX
194 Asanebo Los Angeles, CA
195 Hot & Hot Fish Club Birmingham, AL
196 Central Provisions Portland, ME
197 Bar Tartine San Francisco, CA
198 Flour + Water San Francisco, CA
199 Publican Chicago, IL
200 Estela New York, NY


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