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Carrot Risotto

Located in the heart of The Hudson Valley’s scenic Ulster County in New York State, Woodnotes Grille is the signature restaurant of The Emerson Resort & Spa and is known for it's free-spirited, farm-to-table, and Catskills-centric sensibilities. Chef de Cuisine and Culinary Institute of America graduate, Brian Wren has shared a few of his new recipes with us, including this vibrant carrot risotto cake.

Ingredients for 4 Servings:

8 cups carrot juice
1 cup water
3 cup Arborio rice
½ onion diced small
Salt to taste

Bring carrot juice and water to a boil then reduce to a simmer.

Sweat diced onion in vegetable oil till translucent then add rice. Toast the rice in the pan.

As the rice toasts it will become difficult to stir. At that time add half of the carrot juice.

Stirring often, gradually add more carrot juice as the rice absorbs it. Add salt in small increments as the rice cooks.

When the rice has cooked to al dente remove from heat and pour out into a pan to cook.

When the rice has stopped steaming it can be transferred to a half pan that has been lined with plastic wrap.

Press the cooling rice with another half pan. Weighting the top.

When the rice is completely cooled it can be portioned in to squares buy cutting it 3 x 4.


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