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Yuca Stew

The yuca, also know as cassava, is a shrubby root native to South America and is a widely used staple in Africa. It has low protein content, but is very high in carbohydrates and is a great energy source. It's used interchangeably with potato and rice and is also popularly known for its tapioca use in Asia.

In the streets of New York you can find yuca: fried, mashed, pureed, or crunchy chips served with a hot green sauce. You might be surprised to know that it is also widely found in the homes of Egyptian families. One of the most popular dishes in Egypt is called ‘oolass’ which is a green yuca stew.

It is made as follows:

Peel and large dice the yuca, soak, drain and put to side. Start your stew you would, using any meat you desire, beef, or lamb, add your liquid, bring to a boil and add your diced yuca. Depending on how long your meat needs to cook you might need to hold off on adding the yuca. Once your yuca is cooked through, take a bushel of cilantro, and a few garlic cloves, pulse in a food processor, pan fry in some oil and add to your yuca stew. Not only does this give great flavor to the stew, but it also creates a vibrant green color. Serve with rice, and enjoy!
Yuca is not only eaten by many different people all over the world, it is also used in construction in some parts. It is ground into flour mixed with water, and used as a white paint during construction. It’s an amazing, versatile root, and I highly suggest you seek it out today and start your own experimentation, whether for your next dish or next renovation.


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