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How Do You Spot a Bad Restaurant?

Do bad restaurants share common traits? Are there certain giveaways that can predict a bad dining experience? SF Weekly thinks there are. What do you think? And what do you look out for when deciding to pass on an unfamiliar restaurant?
Here is SF Weekly's list-for their full explanations/justifications check out the full article.

​10. It's ethnic food, but nobody of that ethnicity is eating there.

​9. Many diners are wearing t-shirts sporting the name of the town you're in (because they're all tourists)

8. Miller Light paid for the menu

7. Seafood has a large section of the menu, but all of it is shrimp (seafood is easy enough to get fresh, but shrimp a really easy to get frozen)

6. Nobody's eating there when nearby restaurants are full

5. A sign offers 50% off or some other outrageous price special

4. The floors and tables are dirty

3. Lots of people are seated but few have food (every restaurant gets in the weeds from time to time but good ones keep pushing food out)

2. The signage is bright and perfect like a fast-food joint

1. A sign says "The locals eat here" (they probably don't)
So what bad restaurant 'tells' do you look for when deciding on a new place? Even though I'll admit I do like eating them, I usually steer clear of any place that has Coconut Shrimp on the menu. 9 times out of 10 they come pre-made out of the freezer and into the fryer, as the rest of the menu probably does.

Source:SF Weekly via Consumerist


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